Blaine County Planning

Floodplain: Much of Blaine County, including parts of Chinook, is in the floodplain and a floodplain permit is required prior to building in the floodplain. Building without a permit may result in costly reconstruction and/or extremely high flood insurance rates. If built in the floodway the building must be removed. Septic systems are prohibited in the floodplain. Unless the building can be connected to a community wastewater system, or the sewage can be pumped out of the floodplain, no building requiring water and sewage facilities can be built in the floodplain. Contact WWC Engineering for more information on wastewater systems.

Subdivision: If you plan on subdividing a part of any property. The Blaine County Sanitarian and the Blaine County Planner should be contacted for approval of any instrument of transfer prior to filing. Depending upon the circumstances involved, a survey may be required, approval by the Blaine County Commissioners may be required, or approval by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality may be required. Subdivisions creating lots with existing structures or lots for potential building sites typically take several months for approval and most often require the assistance of a consultant. Subdivisions in floodplains are prohibited.


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