Sheriff and Coroner

Sheriff & Coroner


Blaine County Sheriff’s Office Serves the towns of Chinook, Harlem, Zurich, Hogeland, Turner and all rural Areas of Blaine County. We are responsible for the prevention of crime, civil process and coroner duties.

Sheriff: John Colby
Under Sheriff: Chris Adair

Blaine County Sheriff Services:

Civil Services

Civil Department:
The Civil Department serves legal and judicial process papers within Blaine County including but not limited to court summons and complaints, small claims, garnishments, court issued writs, and subpoenas. The department additionally collects delinquent property taxes, levies on property and conducts court ordered sheriff’s sales. Civil process service is performed in strict compliance with Montana Code to ensure the accuracy of the service of legal documents, record keeping and returns to the court as mandated by law. Please be aware that the Civil Office does not give legal advice; only an attorney is allowed to give legal advice. This site is for information purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice. If you need help with a legal situation, please contact an attorney.


(a) For the service of summons and complaint on each defendant, $50.00
(b) For making a return of a summons for a person not found in the county, $20.00
(c) For levying and service each writ of attachment of execution on real or personal property, $75.00
(d) For service of attachment on the body or order of arrest on each defendant, $50.00
(e) For the service of an affidavit, order, and undertaking in claim and delivery, $50.00
(f) For serving a subpoena for each witness summoned, $50.00
(g) For serving writ of possession or restitution, $50.00
(h) For trial of the right of property or damages including all services, $50.00
(i) For taking bond or undertaking in any case authorized by law, $50.00
(j) For serving every notice, rule or order, for each person served, $50.00
(k) For copy of any writ, process or other paper when demanded or required by law, $2.00 for each page up to 10 pages, then $1.00 for each page
(l) For posting notices and advertising any property for sale on execution or under any judgment or order of sale, exclusive of cost of publication, $50.00
(m) For holding any sheriff’s sale for personal or real property on execution or under any judgment or order of sale, except that if a sale from Federal Court is accepted, then the fees for conducting sale, posting notice and publication shall be charged pursuant to Federal Statutes followed by the U.S. Marshals, $50.00
(n) For cancellation or postponement of sheriff’s sale, $30.00


A signed Letter of Instruction directing the Sheriff to serve process or perform an enforcement action is required with all legal documents. Specific addresses of the person or business to be served are required to effect service. The Civil Division does not provide investigative services to determine the whereabouts of the person to be served. A home or work physical address for the person to be served must be provided by the party requesting service in the Sheriff’s Instruction or Praecipe.

Burn Permits


Fire Burn permits are issued annually from January 01 through December 31st.   They are available at the Sheriff’s Office.   You must call the Sheriff’s Office at 357-3260 to obtain permission to burn.  You must have a valid burn permit with you at the time of each burn.   You must call the Sheriff’s Office when you are done with the burn.  There is no burning allowed after sunset.   Refer to your burn permit for further rules and regulations.

Burn Permit


The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office provides this service to the public for a fee of $10 per fingerprint card. To be fingerprinted please call ahead of time to schedule an appointment. 406-357-3260. To be fingerprinted come to the Blaine County Sheriff’s office located at 420 Ohio St. in Chinook. Photo identification is mandatory. Fingerprints are done Monday through Thursday from 0800-5:00.

Concealed Weapons Permit

Procedure for obtaining a concealed weapons permit

Call for an appointment 357-3903 or 357-3260

A. You must be at least 18 years of age and have been a resident of the State of Montana for at least 6 months.

B. Any Criminal convictions per the Montana Codes may result in denial of the permit, or any omissions of arrests and/or convictions may result in denial of the permit.

C. It is REQUIRED BY LAW that you complete a certified firearms safety course before the application is submitted. EXAMPLE: Hunter’s Safety, DD-214, or any other NRA Certified Instructed course. Proof of completion of such course can be a photocopy of certificate, an affidavit from the entity or instructor that conducted the course or a copy of any other document that attests to completion of the course & can be certified through contact with the entity or instructor that conducted the course.

D. Applications for Concealed Weapons Permits will be taken by appointment only. You may schedule an appointment by calling 357-3260. Download an application to fill out here.

E. Bring the application, completed but unsigned, and your proof of firearms certification at the time of your scheduled appointment to the Sheriff’s Office 420 Ohio St. Chinook, MT.

F. Application fee for a new Concealed Weapons Permit is $55.00, and the fee for an expired permit is $50.00. The fee for an unexpired permit is $25.00. These include the $5.00 administrative research fee. Please bring exact cash or personal check. This fee is non-refundable. Fingerprints and a photograph will be taken at this time and no applications will be accepted without an appointment.

G. Please allow sixty (60) days for approval of your permit. A permit is valid for four (4) years. You will not be reminded of your permit’s expiration. Sixty (60) days should be allowed for processing new applications.

H. Renewals are handled in the same manner as new applications, and fingerprints and photographs will be retaken. Please call at least thirty (30) days prior to your expiration date to make your appointment. An appointment is required, and you must fill out a new application form for renewals.

Sheriff Department
420 Ohio Street
PO Box 8
Chinook, MT 59523
(406) 357 – 3260
fax: 357 – 2824

County Coroner
420 Ohio Street
Chinook, MT 59523
(406) 357 – 3260
Hours: hours vary

Department Phone Directory:

Main Number: 406-357-3260
SVOR Department: 406-357-3903
Civil Department: 406-357-3903
Dispatch: 406-357-3260
Main Fax: 406-357-2824

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