Kelsie W. Harwood, Blaine County Attorney, is an elected official who serves as both the public prosecutor for the State of Montana and as the legal adviser for all county officials within Blaine County. The Blaine County Attorney’s Office has one Deputy County Attorney.

What You Get

The Blaine County Attorney’s Office serves the public interest by representing Blaine County and the State of Montana in:


Prosecuting felonies in District Court


Prosecuting misdemeanors in Justice Court


Prosecuting traffic offenses in Justice Court


Prosecuting juvenile crimes in Youth Court


Obtaining investigative subpoenas for the investigation of probable criminal offenses


Acting as special prosecutor for other counties


Handling petitions for involuntary mental commitments


Representing the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services in District Court cases for the protection of child welfare


Advising the Board of County Commissioners


Advising County offices and departments

The Blaine County Attorney’s Office does not:


Provide legal advice to private citizens


Prosecute misdemeanor offenses that occur within the City of Chinook


Handle child support collection. Child support matters are handled by private attorneys or by the Child Support Enforcement Office at 406-444-9855 or the State of Montana Child Support Enforcement Division

Office Address

420 Ohio St. Third Floor
Chinook, Montana 59523

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1567
Chinook, MT 59523


Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

County Attorney

Kelsie W. Harwood

Phone: 406-357-3220
Fax: 406-357-3114

Deputy County Attorney


Phone: 406-357-3220
Fax: 406-357-3114

Office Assistant

Rebecca Blankenship

Phone: 406-357-3220
Fax: 406-357-3114

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number to the Chinook and Harlem City Attorney’s Office?

Mark Harshman is the Chinook City Attorney and Harlem City Attorney. He can be reached at 406-357-4444.

What is the number to the Justice Court?


What is the number for the Better Business Bureau?

Montana Consumer Protection Office: 406-444-4500


What is the Attorney General’s phone number?

(406) 444-2026

What is the local phone number for Adult Probation & Parole?


When a Juvenile is taken in to custody, when will they be seen by the Judge?

They will have a Probable Cause Hearing in District Court or Justice Court either the same day or the following business day.

Who do I contact to get information on a Juvenile case?

Contact Youth Court Services: 357-3269

What should I do if I think someone has committed a crime?

If the crime is in progress, you should immediately call 911 Dispatch and provide the dispatcher with all pertinent information.

If the crime is over, contact the Blaine County Sheriff’s Department at 357-3260

If someone I know has been arrested, when will they be seen by a judge?

Contact Justice Court at 406-357-2335 and ask when prisoners will be seen by the Judge.

Where do I go regarding a lien?

Blaine County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

I have information on a case, where should I take it?

 Take it to the law enforcement agency handling the case. (ie: Blaine County Sheriff, Chinook Police Department)

What do I do if someone gave me a bad check?

Please review the documents below to begin the process of trying to recover the money owed to you.  You can call our office at 357-3220 or stop by to get paperwork.

Memorandum Regarding Bad Check Procedures

Bad Check Prosecution Request Form

Notice of Bad Check and Demand for Payment

What is the phone number and address to the public defender’s office?


Office location: 415 4th Ave, Havre, Montana 59501

Where can I get legal advice?

Lawyer Referral and Information Service: 406-449-6577

Montana Bar.org – Self Help

Montana Legal Services: 406-442-9830 – (800) 666-6124

www.MontanaLawHelp.org; www.mtlsa.org

Our Office

Blaine County Courthouse
420 Ohio St
Chinook, MT 59523

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed