Property Taxes

Due Dates

Real Estate Taxes: November 30th and May 31st
Mobile Home Taxes: May 31st and November 30th
Personal Property Taxes: June 30th

Tax Payments

Your property taxes can be paid using cash, check, or credit card. We will need your Tax ID number or we can search by owner’s name. Checks should be made payable to Blaine County Treasurer and mailed to PO Box 547 Chinook, MT 59523. Call our office to pay with a credit card or use  tax online code: 8334605

Tax Protest

To pay taxes under protest, your payment must be received by the due date. You are required to submit a Letter of Protest for each tax bill at the time of payment. Your payment is processed immediately, but the funds are not distributed until the protest is settled. Paying under protest allows the taxpayer 90 days to take further action and it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to pursue an action.

Delinquent Taxes

A list of Delinquent Taxes is available for inspection at the Treasurer’s Office. Blaine County attaches a tax lien to all real estate properties with delinquent taxes on the first working day of August. If you have delinquent taxes and need more information, please call (406) 357-3280. Anyone interested in tax lien assignments and tax deeds should consult an attorney.

MT Department of Revenue

The Department of Revenue’s local Assessor’s office has moved to Havre. If you have questions regarding your tax assessment, call the Dept. of Revenue at 406-400-2411.  Assessor will be available by appointment on the third floor of the courthouse in Chinook on Wednesday’s from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Motor Vehicle

Registration Renewals

Renew in person: Bring an identification card (Driver’s License/State/Military or Tribal ID) and either your renewal notice, registration, plate number or VIN.
Renew by mail: Send your renewal notice and payment to:

Blaine County Treasurer PO Box 547 Chinook, MT 59523.

Renew online: State of Montana – Online Vehicle Registration Renewal Service 

The Drivers Examiner is located on the first floor of the courthouse on the first  and third wednesday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  To schedule an appointment call 406-444-1772 or schedule online.


Vehicle Title & Registration

Title transactions must be processed before 4:30 PM.
While we are unable to give exact pricing quotes, the following estimates apply to vehicle title & registration:

  • 0-4 years old: $350-635
  • 5-10 years old: $170-330
  • 11 years or older: $90-145
  • Snowmobiles: $100
  • Recreational Trailers: $208
  • Boats: $77-315
  • Trailers: $115-205

These are estimates only; they do not apply to vehicles subject to a tax exemption.

Treasurer Dept Contact Info


Deputy Treasurer

Motor Vehicle & Tax Clerk

Motor Vehicle & Tax Clerk


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