Overview: Clerk & Recorder and Elections

Tammy Williams, the Clerk and Recorder/Assessor/Election Administrator, serves as the ex-officio clerk of the county commissioners, ex-officio recorder, registrar for Blaine County, ex-officio election administrator and the administrator of the county budget and oversees five-county department

  • Accounts Payable
  • Records
  • Elections
  • Payroll
  • Ambulance Billing

The Elections Department is responsible for the administration of federal, state, county, city and special district elections in Blaine County according to federal and state election laws. The Department also assists in elections for school districts. Additional activities include deputy registrar and election judge training, petition drive signature verification, absentee vote processing and voter registration. Our Election Department maintains the voters’ registration files for approximately 4,000 voters in eight precincts in Blaine County. Maps of the boundaries are available in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office. Approximately 40 temporary election judges are needed to work each election.

What Does the Clerk & Recorder File? 

Some of the documents that are recorded and filed for example are: 






Powers of Attorney


Military Discharges


Oil & Gas Leases




Certificates of Surveys & Subdivision Plats

Additional Filings Handled by the Clerk & Recorder


Birth & Death Certificates

Certified and informational copies of birth and death certificates may be obtained from this office. 


Accounts Payable

Personnel and accounts payable are handled in this office. Most records are public record, but some are confidential. 



Federal, state, county and city elections are handled by this office.

Clerk & Recorder / Assessor / Election Administrator

Tammy Williams

Phone: 406-357-3240

Recording Clerk

Pauly B. Miller

Phone: 406-357-3240

Deputy Clerk and Recorder/Elections Clerk

Savannah Wendeln 

Phone: 406-357-3240


Accounts Payable


Fax number: 406-357-2199

Mailing Address

PO Box 278
Chinook, MT 59523

Office Address

420 Ohio Street
Chinook, MT 59523


The Accounts Payable Department (AP) is responsible for paying all county-related invoices to vendors which include supplies, contracts, services rendered, credit card purchases, and other state agencies. AP is also responsible for 1099’s, updating/maintaining direct deposit (EFT) information and new/existing vendor information for the Department of Administration.

The Clerk & Recorder is also responsible for receiving payments made to Blaine County including cash, checks, wires and payments from other state, local, federal agencies, and private parties. The Clerk & Recorder also prepares the financial statements and supplemental reports in accordance with governmental accounting and financial reporting standards.

Blaine County accounts payable department (AP) is responsible for paying all county related invoices to vendors which include supplies, contracts, services rendered, credit card purchases, and other state agency fees. AP is also responsible for 1099’s, in order for Accounts Payable to process payments, a current W-9 form is required.

The Payroll Department is responsible for employee compensation, benefits, wellness, and workers compensation. To contact the Payroll Department, call (406) 357-4011 or email swendeln@blainecounty-mt.gov.

The Ambulance Billing Department is responsible for invoicing for all three rural ambulance services, as well as, receiving all payments made to the Blaine County Ambulance services including cash, checks, wires and payments from other insurance companies and private parties. To contact the Ambulance Billing Department, call (406) 357-4011 or email swendeln@blainecounty-mt.gov.

To contact the Accounts Payable Department, call (406) 357-4013 or email accountspayable@blainecounty-mt.gov.


The Records Department is responsible for the recording, scanning, and indexing of deeds, mortgages, surveys, mining work, resolutions, military discharges, and many other various documents. The Department also files birth and death records, federal tax liens, notices of action, attachments, judgments, executions, and other miscellaneous documents.

Blaine County Records department is responsible for the recording, scanning, and indexing of deeds, mortgages, surveys, resolutions, military discharges, and many other various documents. The department also files birth and death records, federal tax liens, notices of action, attachments, judgments, executions, and other miscellaneous documents.

Filing costs are $5.00 per document.

Recording costs are:


Conforming documents are $8.00 per page


Non-conforming documents are $8.00 per page, plus $10.00

To contact the Records Department, call (406)357-4012 or pbmiller@blainecounty-mt.gov.

Search of Public Records

Documents recorded or filed since 1973 have been automated and are easily accessed by computers and are available at the second-floor lobby of the Blaine County Courthouse in Chinook. Conversion of the older records is an ongoing effort.

Birth and Death Records

Birth and death records on file for Blaine County may date back to the early 1900’s. The current State system enables all counties to issue State birth certificates since 1921 and death certificates since 2003, with continuing updates. The present county costs for a certified birth record are $8.00 and certified death records are $7.00, with genealogical copies $1.00 each.

Please print out the form below, follow the directions on the forms and return it to our office with the appropriate fee.

Birth Certificate Order Form

Death Certificate Order Form

To mail requests to Blaine County use the following address:

Blaine County, Records Department
PO Box 278
Chinook, Montana 59523

Property Appraisal

overview: Appraisal / Property Assessment Dept.

The local Appraisal / Property Assessment Office is responsible for:


Maintenance of the Montana Ownership Database for Blaine County


Appraisal and assessment of property

The Department of Revenue also maintains a digital GIS land ownership map database for the entire state. Interactive maps and descriptive data are available on this site for each parcel of land. Visit their website.

Visit the State of Montana Revenue Office website.

Property Appraisal Contact Info


Hours of Operation

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


If you are traveling quite a distance it may be to your advantage to call ahead to 406-265-5481.

Subdivision Planning

OVERVIEW: Subdivision Planning

If you plan on subdividing a part of any property. The Blaine County Sanitarian and the Blaine County Planner should be contacted for approval of any instrument of transfer prior to filing. Depending upon the circumstances involved, a survey may be required, approval by the Blaine County Commissioners may be required, or approval by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality may be required. Subdivisions creating lots with existing structures or lots for potential building sites typically take several months for approval and most often require the assistance of a consultant. Subdivisions in floodplains are prohibited.

Blaine County Contract Planner

Jeremy Fadness, P.E.

Blaine County Contract Examining Land Surveyor

Jake Ziska, P.L.S.

Floodplain MAnagement

WWC Engineering

1275 Maple Street, Suite F
Helena, MT 59601

Blaine County Contract Floodplain Administrator

Shawn Higley, P.E.,

OVERVIEW: Floodplain Management

Much of Blaine County, including parts of Chinook, is in the floodplain and a floodplain permit is required prior to building in the floodplain. Building without a permit may result in costly reconstruction and/or extremely high flood insurance rates. If built in the floodway the building must be removed. Septic systems are prohibited in the floodplain. Unless the building can be connected to a community wastewater system, or the sewage can be pumped out of the floodplain, no building requiring water and sewage facilities can be built in the floodplain. Contact WWC Engineering for more information on wastewater systems.


Clerk & Recorder Forms

Forms and documents:


Birth Certificate


Death Certificate


Subdivision Regulations


Fee Schedule


Document Standards

Our Office

Blaine County Courthouse
420 Ohio St
Chinook, MT 59523

Office Hours

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