The Local Advisory Council for Mental Health in Blaine County is a local advocacy group working towards meeting the mental health needs of Blaine County. We encourage anyone interested from the community, to join us in our efforts. We partner with other local agencies to work as a team and offer referral services for those looking for mental health service.

Local Advisory Council (LAC) is a coalition of community members interested in accessing, planning and strengthening public mental health services in their community. Those impacted by the effects of mental illness can ensure that their voices, suggestions and ideas can make a difference in how services are planned and provided. All those concerned and interested in how persons’ with mental illness’ are treated and helped, can participate.

Our Purpose

The objective of the LAC is to outreach to Blaine County through media, presentation sand forums, mailings and direct communication. We seek to establish the LAC as the centralized contact for mental health information and services.

Mission Statement

To promote mental health wellness by improving access to services through education and reducing the gaps or barriers to resources.



Jana McPherson-Hauer 

Vice Chair

Tina Mord


Haley Velk


Deb Anderson

Our Office

Blaine County Courthouse
420 Ohio St
Chinook, MT 59523

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed