The position of the County Superintendent of Schools is elected by the public for a four-year term.  As required by Montana State Law, the County Superintendent must hold a current Montana Teaching Certificate with at least three years of teaching experience.  Blaine County supports 8 independent school districts; Chinook, Harlem, Turner, Hays Lodge Pole, Bear Paw, Cleveland, North Harlem Colony and Zurich.

There are also many families home schooling their children within the county.  These families must be registered with the County Superintendent. 

The County Superintendent is responsible for general supervision of schools that do not employ a district superintendent or principal.  Duties include assisting & directing teachers, assisting the trustees with budgeting & finance, staff recruitment, evaluation and supervision of teachers, curriculum development, teacher in-service training and other school matters.  The County Superintendent is also responsible for financial concerns, transportation, setting county mills for school transportation & retirement as well as centralized clerical & administrative functions as prescribed by law. 


Top Things a County Superintendent cannot do


“Fire” or otherwise remove school trustees. MCA 20-3-310. Trustee removal.


Superintendent cannot override any decisions made by the school board trustees.


Order bus drivers to provide door-to-door bus service.


Hire or fire school teachers or other school personnel. Only a board of trustees may hire or fire teacher or other school personnel. MCA 20-3-324. Powers and duties of trustees

Parent Info


HiSET (Formerly GED) Information

  • HiSET Options Program
  • HiSET Test Taker Information
  • HiSET/ETS Information

Bullying Information

  • Bully Free Montana
  • Bullying Resources for Parents
  • Bullying Prevention Tips for Parents
  • National Center of Education Statistics
  • Cyberbullying
  • StopBullying.org

Suicide Prevention & Awareness

  • Montana Suicide Awareness & Prevention Resources
  • Montana Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7
    • 988
    • 1-800-273-TALK (8255)                                                              The previous Lifeline phone number (1-800-273-8255) will always remain available to people in emotional distress or suicidal crisis.
  • Crisis Text Line
    • Text 988

Human Trafficking & Sexual Abuse

  • Sex Trafficking & Sexual Abuse
  • Department of Justice Montana
  • Lifeguard Group

School District Info

Bear Paw District #67

Bear Paw Elementary School

29815 Clear Creek Road

Chinook, MT 59523

Phone: 406-395-4436



Trisha Gruszie gruszie@itstriangle.com

22820 Cleveland Road, Chinook, MT 59523

Chinook District #10

Meadowlark Elementary School

Phone: 406-357-2033

Fax: 406-357-3146

Chinook Jr./Sr. High School

Phone: 406-357-2236

Fax: 406-357-2238

Hartland Colony School

Phone: 406-398-5313


Fred Hofman hofmanf@chinookschools.org



Moses Deanon deanonm@chinookschools.org




Cleveland District #14

Cleveland Elementary School

9785 People’s Creek Road, Chinook, MT 59523

Phone: 406-357-2018



Trisha Gruszie; gruszie@itstriangle.com

22820 Cleveland Road, Chinook, MT 59523

Harlem District #12

Harlem Elementary K-6

Phone: 406-353-2258;

Fax: 406-353-2892


Harlem Jr./Sr. High

Phone: 406-353-2287

Fax: 406-353-2339



Arlene Bigby arleneb@harlem-hs.k12.mt.us



Cassie Handran cassieh@harlem-hs.k12.mt.us


Website: https://harlem-hs.k12.mt.us/

Hays/Lodge Pole District #50

Lodge Pole Elementary K-6

Phone: 406-673-3220

Fax: 406-673-3274


Hays Jr. High/High School

Phone: 406-673-3120

Fax: 406-673-3415



Paul Condon https://www.hlpschools.k12.mt.us/District/profile/12-Paul-Condon



Daralyn Shambo dshambo@hlpschools.k12.mt.us


Website: https://www.hlpschools.k12.mt.us/

    North Harlem Colony District #6

    North Harlem Colony Elementary School
    Safe Return Plan Dist. #6 

    755 Hillcrest Road

    Harlem, MT 59526

    Phone: 406-353-2800



    Eli Hofer ehofer@mtintouch.net


    Zurich Elementary LE#0034 06.2023

    Safe Return to School 6.14.2023 revised dates

    Zurich Elementary School 

    PO Box 847

    Zurich, MT 59547

    Phone: 406-357-4164

    Fax: 406-357-4299


    Supervising Teacher:

    Colleen Overcast  zurichschool@yahoo.com


    Deanna Gilmore dgilmorezurich@gmail.com

    Superintendent of Schools

    Kendall Harwood

    Phone: (406) 357-3270

    Fax: (406) 357-2199


    Mari Anne Skoyen

    Phone: (406) 357-3270

    Fax: (406) 357-2199


    Hours open

    Monday - Friday

    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


    Blaine County Courthouse

    2nd Floor Room 135


    Duties of County Superintendent

    Our Office

    Blaine County Courthouse
    420 Ohio St
    Chinook, MT 59523

    Office Hours

    Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
    Sat-Sun: Closed

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    Deputy Chris Adair has been with the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office since August of 2012. Since then he has become the Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, Armorer, Deputy Coroner, and the Senior Operator for Blaine County’s breath alcohol testing equipment. He also is the DUI Task Force Coordinator. He lives in Chinook with his wife and 2 sons. Previous to living here they were residents of Flathead County.

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    John Colby started his career in Law Enforcement with the Blaine County Sheriff's Department in 1996 as a Detention Officer/Dispatcher. In 1998 he began working with the Harlem Police Department where he served as a patrolman and later as the Chief of Police. In 2001 Harlem consolidated its law enforcement with the Blaine County Sheriff's Department and John Colby remained as a Deputy Sheriff. In 2002 John accepted a job with the Williston Police Department and served as a patrolman and later as a senior patrolman. In 2007 John left the Williston Police Department and went to work for Dyn-Corp in Konduz Afghanistan training the Afghanistan Nation Police. In March 2010 John was returned to Chinook and accepted a position as a Deputy Sheriff with the Blaine County Sheriff's Department. John was promoted to the Lieutenant of the Blaine County Sheriff's Department in 2012. John is one of the Taser Instructor's, Field Training Officer, K9 Handler, and was recently assigned to the Tri-Agency Drug Task Force. John and his wife Dawn have two children JJ, and Aspyn.

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    Robo joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Office in October of 2013. He resides with his handler Sheriff John Colby.

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    Deputy Levi Gonzalez joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Department in January 2018. Levi studied Criminal Justice at Utah Valley University and Excelled in courses such as Criminal Justice, Forensics, and Criminal Law. Along with some formal education, he has trained with professional firearms instructors, and in hand-to-hand combat, to help him pursue his career in law enforcement. He moved to Montana with his wife in March of 2013 and owns a small ranch in Blaine County where he runs a small cow/calf operation. He looks forward to serving Blaine County, where he is happy to call home, with his wife, daughter and son, for many years to come.

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