Overview: Superintendent of Schools

The position of the County Superintendent of Schools is elected by the public for a four-year term. As required by Montana State Law, the County Superintendent must hold a current Montana Teaching Certificate with at least three years of teaching experience. Blaine County supports 8 independent school districts, of those three consist of high school districts- Chinook, Harlem and Turner, one K-12 district- Hays Lodge Pole, four elementary districts- Bear Paw, Cleveland, North Harlem Colony and Zurich, three private schools- St. Paul’s Mission, Turner Colony and the White Clay Immersion School. There are also a large number of families home schooling their children within the county.

General supervision of public schools in the county is carried out by the County Superintendent. This supervision includes financial concerns, transportation, tuition, setting county mills for school transportation and retirement, as well as, centralized clerical and administrative functions prescribed by law. The County Superintendent assists trustees of school districts that do not employ a district superintendent or principal with: assisting and directing teachers on general duties over the four rural schools in Blaine County; assisting the trustees with budgeting and finance; recruitment; placement, evaluation and supervision of teachers; curriculum development; teacher in-service training and other school matters. Rural Blaine County schools are: Bear Paw, Cleveland, North Harlem Colony and Zurich Elementary Schools.

Home schools are also supervised by the County Superintendent.


Top 3 Things a County Superintendent cannot do


“Fire” or otherwise remove school trustees. MCA 20-3-310. Trustee removal


Order bus drivers to provide door-to-door bus service.


Hire or fire school teachers or other school personnel. Only a board of trustees may hire or fire teacher or other school personnel. MCA 20-3-324. Powers and duties of trustees

School District Info

29815 Clear Creek Road

Chinook, MT 59523 

Clerk: Trisha Gruszie:


Phone: 406-395-4436

Superintendent: Darin Hannum; hannumd@chinookschools.org

Clerk: Moses Deanon


Phone: 406-357-2236
Fax:  406-357-2238

528 Ohio Street

PO Box 1059 Chinook, MT 59523

Phone: 406-357-2236

FAX 406-357-2238

Cleveland Elementary

22820 Cleveland Road

Chinook, MT 59523

Phone:  406-357-2018

Clerk: Trisha Gruszie:


Superintendent: Doreen Warren


Clerk: Lori Owens;


610 1st Ave. SE

PO Box 339 Harlem, MT 59526-0339

Phone: 406-353-2287

FAX 406-353-2339

  (under Chinook Elem. Dist.)


179 School Road

PO Box 110 Hays, MT 59527

Phone: 406-673-3120

FAX 406-673-3415


John Bach,Jr.:


Clerk: Daralyn Shambo:


623 New York Street

PO Box 1059 Chinook, MT 59523

Phone: 406-357-2033

FAX 406-357-3146

North Harlem Colony Elementary

755 Hillcrest Road

Harlem, MT 59526

Phone : 406-353-2800

Clerk: Eli Hofer: ehofer@mtintouch.net

White Clay Immersion School

Sean Chandler, Principal;

PO Box 159 Harlem, MT 59526

Phone: 406-353-2607 ext. 299

PO Box 40

Hays, MT 59527

Phone: 406-673-3123

Clerk: Deanna Gilmore; dgilmorezurich@gmail.com

Zurich Elementary School

265 Park Road

PO Box 847 Zurich, MT 59547

Phone: 406-357-4164

FAX 406-357-4299

General Contact Info


Hours open

Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM;
closed on legal holidays.


Blaine County Courthouse, Room 135 on the 2nd floor.

Phone numbers

Fax: 406-357-2199


Duties of County Superintendent

Our Office

Blaine County Courthouse
420 Ohio St
Chinook, MT 59523

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed