Blaine County Capital Improvements Plan


The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a five year planning tool used to identify future timing of capital needs, estimated capital costs, and sources of funding.

Items included in this document are such things as roads, bridges, parks, buildings, office space, office equipment, vehicles, large equipment, along with computers and computer programs. All of which must be purchased, maintained, and replaced on a timely basis or their value will diminish.

This CIP is meant to be an important planning and budgeting tool for the County. It should be updated annually and subject to change as the County’s needs adjust, evolve, and become more defined. If used appropriately, this plan will provide the County with long-term project identification, evaluation, public discussion, high level cost estimating, and financing ideas.




Draft Blaine County 2021 CIP

Will be availiable soon please check back


Blaine County 2017 CIP

Public Input 


The Blaine County Commission is in the process of developing a capital improvements plan (CIP) that will create a prioritized list of capital improvements such as roads, bridges, buildings and equipment.  The plan will also include a schedule for completing identified projects and options for funding their construction or acquisition.  The input of Blaine County residents is essential to the success of this project and will help identify the County’s priorities.

You can participate with feedback/recommendations by participating in one of the following:


CIP Survey –  Complete the below survey  



Project Map 

CIP Project Status Interactive Map.

Use the map below to pinpoint a particular project and find out more information on it.





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